Research Lab Room NumberLab NameResponsible Faculty NameList of all Research Equipment/SystemsArea (s) of Research
CE-2220CATEMalek AdjouadiXLTEK EEG/PersystEEG acquisition and quantitave analysys, Epilepsy
NATUS Quantum Amplifier-128 ChannelsEEG acquisition, Epilepsy and others brain disorder
Maglink system to do EEG/fMRIEEG acquisition in MRI enviroment. Brain research
CURRY-CompumedicNeuro imaging for Epilepsy evaluation
HP Proliant-MSA Storage-Computational InfrastructureMediacl Image & Signal processing. Data clasification & analysis
MagVita rTMS SystemBrain neuromodulation, depression.
Nexstim System-NBS 5Brain neuromodulation, Epilepsy. Brain mapping
NVIDIA DGXDeep learning, Neural Network, Artificial Inteligence
Axilum Robot, Localite TMS Navigator Brain Neuromodulation
JNUS -IIImages acquisition/processing