Research Lab Room NumberLab NameResponsible Faculty NameList of all Research Equipment/SystemsArea (s) of Research
EC-3870Digital Signal Processing LaboratoryArmando BarretoHP-35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HP-35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Tobii T60 Binocular Eye Gaze Tracker
ASL R6.1 Remote Eye Tracker
ASL-504 Eye Tracker system
COAS-HD High-resolution Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Analyzer
4-channel Grass P511 EEG preamplifier module
TDT HS4 Headstage 4-channel Biosignal Amplifier
OptiTrack V120 TRIO Infrared Video Motion Capture System
96 kHz HeadZap® AuSIM Aural Measurement System
96 kHz GoldMiner® 9AuSIM Audio Vectorization System
Digital Signal Processing with special emphasis on: DSP for Human-Computer Interaction
DSP for Affective Sensing
DSP for Assistive Technologies
Digital Audio Spatialization (HRTFs)
Orientation Estimation for miniature Magnetic Angular-Rate and Gravity (MARG) sensor modules
Processing of biopotentials.