Research Lab Room NumberLab NameResponsible Faculty NameList of all Research Equipment/SystemsArea (s) of Research
3840RAND Lab Arjuna MadanayakeZCU1285 RFSoC FPGA board
ZCU1275 RFSoC FPGA board
ZCU111 RFSoC FPGA board(2)
VCU129 FPGA board
VCU128 FPGA board
ROACH2 FPGA board (3)
Nalatech Xtreme DSP development kit
ML605 FPGA board
Tektronix MSO64 Oscilloscope
NI PXIe - 1082 Vector Network Analyzer
Noise XT Signal generator
Agilent Signal generator
Valon 5009 frequency Synthesizer
Valon 5015 frequency Synthesizer
Keithley triple- output DC Power Supply
Tekpower DC power supply
Keithley sourcemeter
Antenna array processing
Reconfigurable digital radio on RF-SoC
mm-wave systems and test-beds
Digital beamformers and FPGA systems
Analog and mixed-signal CMOS circuits
Digital VLSI and FPGA computing
Analog Computing