Optical Imaging Laboratory

Principal Investigator:                         Anuradha Godavarty

                                                           Undergrad Program Director & Associate Professor

Faculty Contact Information:              godavart@fiu.edu |Tel:  305-348-7340

Department:                                       Biomedical Engineering

Funding Agency:                                N/A

Partners:                                            Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

Implementation Period:                     9/1/2017 – Present

Project Description:

The goal of the project is to assess the applicability of low-cost, hand-held, and smartphone-based optical imaging technology for point-of-care assessment of the risk status of diabetic foot ulcers in India.  We are collaborating with Dr. V. Mohan – the Director of Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Center in Chennai, India.  The collaborative efforts began with our first clinical study using our low-cost, hand-held near-infrared optical scanner to assess the sub-clinical changes in diabetic foot ulcers.  The outcome of the study lead to the conclusion that our imaging device can be used to assess the oxygenation flow in and around the diabetic foot ulcers for a physiological assessment, and the same device can also predict the efficacy of the debridement process in pre-ulcerative calluses in patients with diabetes.  In recent years, we have developed a point-of-care smartphone-based optical imaging device to assess the risk status of diabetic foot ulcers.  The future goal is to apply our mobile health technology for wound care management in India.

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