Research Lab Room NumberLab NameResponsible Faculty NameList of all Research Equipment/SystemsArea (s) of Research
EC 2990Neuronal Mass Dynamics LabDr. Jorge Riera 3D Printer - Sindoh 3DWOXNeuroscience
Neuronal Recording - Cognionics Dry EEG Headband
Neuronal Recording - BrainAmp MR System
Data Acquisition - National Instruments (NI) USB 6008
AHC4 512Neuronal Recording - Tucker & Davis Technologies (TDT) Recording System
Neuronal Recording - TDT PZ2 Preamplifier
Neuronal Recording - TDT RZ2 High Performance Processor
Neuronal Recording - TDT Neurophysiology Experiment Control System
Neuronal Recording - Open Ephys (OE) Data Acquisition System
Neuronal Recording - Open Ephys (OE) I/O Board
Neuronal Recording - AD Instruments PowerLab 8/35
Neuronal Recording - AD Instruments FE221 BridgeAmp
Neuronal Recording - AD Instruments SPR-1000 Pressure Catheter
Neuronal Recording - AD Instruments FE136 Animal Bio Amp
Neuronal Recording - AD Instruments ML312 T-type Pod
Laser Doppler Flowmeter - Periflux 5000/6000
Micromanipulator - Sutter MPC-200
Microscope - HIROX VCR-800
Microscope - Leica Fluorescent Microscope
Anesthesia Vaporizer - Harvard Apparatus Isoflurane Vaporizer
Head Fixation - Stereotaxic Instrument SR-5R
Head Fixation - U Frame Stereotaxic Instrument
Antivibration Table - Newport INT1-46-6-A
Data Acquistion - National Instruments (NI) USB 6259
Current/Voltage Source - AM Systems Isolated Pulse Stimulator Model 2100
Current/Voltage Source - AMPI Iso-Flex
Impedance Characterization - Neuralynz NanoZ
Impedance Characterization - CH Instruments Bipotentiostat
Optical Stimulation - Thorlabs LED Driver
Optical Stimulation - Thorlabs Fiber Coupled LED
Optical Stimulation - Thorlabs PM100A Power Meter