Research Lab Room NumberLab NameResponsible Faculty NameList of all Research Equipment/SystemsArea (s) of Research
OU 102Plasma Forming Laboratory/ColRAD LabDr. Arvind AgarwalPraxair Plasma Spray SystemThermal Spray Coating System
Plasma Power Source Model PS-1000Thermal Spray Coating System
Plasma Control Console Model 3710Thermal Spray Coating System
Powder Feeder Model 1264Thermal Spray Coating System
Plasma Spray Gun Model SG-100 (internal and external powder injection capability)Thermal Spray Coating System
Localized inert shroud creating facilityThermal Spray Coating System
Plasma Spray Booth with CNC turntableThermal Spray Coating System
Fanuc S 100 Robot with RF controllerThermal Spray Coating System
Three axis Gantry RobotThermal Spray Coating System
Thermach AT-1200 Powder Feeder, 0-15 RPMThermal Spray Coating System
Accuraspray-g3 Single Head Plasma Inflight SensorSensor for inflight particle velocity and temperature analysis
Tecnar DPV inflight particle sensorSensor for inflight particle velocity and temperature analysis
Raytek Optical Pyrometer (-10 to 1200C) with integrated software and PC for continuous temperature monitoringTemperature measurement during thermal spray
4-channel B-Type (0 to 1700C) and K-Type (-200 to 1250C) Thermocouple with OM-CP-QUADTEMP Data Acquisition System and OM-CP-IFC110 Windows SoftwareTemperature measurement
Grit BlasterSample preparation or substrate preparation for making coating
Ultrasonic Cleaning BathSample preparation
Density Measurement KitDensity characterization
ER Advanced Ceramics 755RMV Jar Millpowder mixing or sample preparation
Sieves and Sieve ShakerPowder siever
Work Bench with machine toolsSample preparation
Rotating Ball Mills and blenderspowder mixing or sample preparation
Low Speed and High Speed Diamond SawsSample preparation & sectioning
Positron Adhesion Testermacroscale adhesion strength characterization
Spark Plasma Sintering (Model: SPS 10-4 Advanced Technology, Santa Rosa, CA,USA )Powder consolidation of ceramics or metal alloys
Tube furnaceHeat treatment
Freeze Drying EquipmentPolymer composite consolidation
Pellet Pressfabrication of polymer pellets
Glove Boxfor keeping powders and samples without humidity attack
Automatic Polishing Machinefor sample preparation or polishing
Optical MicroscopeOptical imaging of samples
Cryomillpowder mixing or sample preparation
EC 1651Vibratory Polishersample preparation of EBSD sample
EC 3232Optical Microscope (upto 1000X)Optical imaging of samples
EC 3455Dilatometer DIL-801LHigh temperature property characterization
LFA 467 HT thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measuring equipmentHigh temperature property characterization
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA 242E ArtemisHigh temperature property characterization
EC 3270Bison 3D printerfabrication complex 3d printed parts
EC 1651Nanovea TribometerRoom temperature and high temperature tribological characterization
OOF2computational tool for macroscale mechanical property prediction
Dragonflycomputational tool
EC 3232SPIP Image Processing Softwarecomputational tool
OriginProcomputational tool
Tecplotcomputational tool
SIMDROPcomputational tool for thermal spray