Influence of external forces on electrokinetic mobility of active Janus spheres

Principal Investigator:                         Alicia Boymelgreen, Assistant Professor

Faculty Contact Information:     | 718-938-4245

Department:                                       Mechanical and Material Engineering

Funding Agency:                                Seeking Funding

Partners:                                            Prof Emeritus Touvia Miloh Tel Aviv University | | Prof Pablo Garica & Prof Antonio Ramos  | Seville University | Prof Gilad Yossifon | Technion, Israel

Implementation Period:                      2019 – Present

Project Description:

The research combines theory, numerics, and experiment to examine the interplay between external forces and electrokinetic mobility of metal-dielectric (where one hemisphere is conducting and the other insulating) Janus spheres.  Active colloids are a synthetic form of soft matter which can mimic biological systems by absorbing energy from their surroundings and converting it to mechanical energy (motion). The application of this research includes advancing a fundamental understanding of collective motion and non-equilibrium systems to lab-on-a-chip diagnostics.